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Crash Dieting for Weight Loss Weight is a topic debated between all age groups - teenage to old age, and all wants to instantly loss weight which leads to Crash Dieting

In the race of impressing others, people are losing out on their originality, on their genuineness and on the basic objective of life, i.e., staying healthy. The chief reason is the constant urge to fit in their small societal group or to gain an acceptance in it. As a remedy for this need, dieting has… Read More »

Indoor Fitness Workout Ideas

Winter season tend to bring mood swings which may tempt you to overeat and avoid exercise, and getting out of the blanket just to exercise becomes a task. As the temperature continues to fall in this holiday season, it is important to take into consideration your workout seriously and not just ignore it. So here… Read More »

Weight Loss with Cardio Exercise Regimen

Exercise plays a key factor in weight loss, people often hit the gym for rigorous work outs but often skip it considering the time factor. One major drawback of hitting the gym is that once left the person gains more weight than initially lossing it. However, regular cardio that can be done in an open… Read More »

15 Healthy Diet Tips Advices that Work

There’s a prevailing fashion: eat less carbs for all intents and purposes everybody. Be that as it may, as fun as the eating regimens may appear, it’s regularly hard to stay with them for more than a couple of weeks. Subsequently few individuals really observe any long haul. Here are 15 science-sponsored Healthy Diet Advices… Read More »

Fitness and Workout Plan Post Pregnancy

Recovering your body in the wake of having a child is not as hard as you may think. Yes, I am talking about your fitness post pregnancy. Consider demonstrates that starting a typical follow program shortly when within the wake of conceiving an offspring is helpful for your health, likewise as reduce the danger of… Read More »

20 Healthy ways to lose weight Fast

Who does not want to lose weight if they gain so much of it! Obesity is one of the global problem that world facing in the 21st century. It is because due to the rapid modernization, increase in fast food consumption, improper nutritional intake and unhealthy habits. Youngsters are facing the serious problem of obesity… Read More »

Easy ways to lose weight without dieting

Who does not want flat belly, curvy muscled and fat-less body? But due to our timeless heavy schedule and routine it is a difficult task. Also joining the gym and skipping the meals are not gonna workout. Majority of the people just keep planning their workout but are never able to implement it. This is… Read More »

The Kapha Diet for Weight Loss

The ancient practice of Ayurveda, the healing science tells us that everyone has a specific Dosha, or source of energy. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the three types of dosha which has specific mental, emotional and physical characteristics. Everyone has a combination of these three dosha, but one dosha is dominant over the rest. Kapha… Read More »

15 Ayurvedic Tips for Weight Loss

Overweight has become a serious problem for today’s generation. Unhealthy lifestyle, junk food, stress all these factors lead to various diseases and most common among them being obesity which if not taken care of at right time, may cause further heart diseases and worse. Many start to diet, exercise, gym, yoga and other weight loss… Read More »

12 fat burning foods to avoid Christmas weight gain for women

Favorite time of the year for all winter lovers is here. Also it’s that time of the year when wearing extra clothes will be the perfect excuse for extra calories lurks around every corner — frosted cookies at the office, jelly doughnuts or chocolates in your stocking. All these extras calories add up, and you’ll… Read More »

Winter Fruits and Vegetables

Winter vegetables and fruits have a special attraction of the winter season. Seasonal fruits are basically dependent on various regions, seasons and crop availability. In the heartfelt areas, seasons start early and last for long as some items like greens, carrot, beets and radishes are harvested in the most temperature areas. Modern food processing technique… Read More »

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Program through Ayurveda

“It is truly said “You never appreciate life until it grows inside of you”. The most beautiful chapter in a woman’s life starts when she gets pregnant. Everyone pampers her like a little baby and she gets all the attention and love from her family and friends. She gets to eat whatever she wants regardless… Read More »

Organic Diet Benefits in Weight Loss

Organic farming is the backbone of organic foods, but you already knew that. You also knew that organic farming involves the cycling of resources, promotion of ecological balance and conservation of biodiversity. Synthetic pesticides, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), petroleum-based fertilizers, and sewage sludge-based fertilizers are all prohibited from use in organic farming. Even the livestock… Read More »

Nutrition Tips for Healthy Weight gain this Winter

As they say.. ”It’s no longer about being skinny, now it’s about staying Healthy” Weight gain is equally difficult as losing it, I would rather say it is even more strenuous. If you want to gain weight, then it is very important that you follow the correct steps. Bringing in cold drinks and burgers may… Read More »